Special Hazards services from A-EHS relate to niche environmental health and safety programs; unique capabilities that go beyond the norm for most consultants.

Ventilation System Efficiency Assessment
This is not testing the laboratory or process ventilation for the numerical flow rate. This is an evaluation of the system to ensure just the right amount of air is being extracted.

OSHA PSM, Seveso Directive Analysis, EPA RMP, and DHS CFATS
A-EHS's experts can review your operations relative to OSHA's Processes Safety Management (PSM), or the New Jersey Toxic Catastrophe Prevention Act (TCPA) or the EU's Seveso Directive. The EPA's Release Management Plan and the Department of Homeland Security' Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards are also rules that may apply to your site.

Explosive Dusts Evaluation
A-EHS can perform a rapid screening review of the explosive potential of dusts, using our software screening tool EXPOSED™ (EXplosive POtential Screening Evaluation for Dust). 

Exposure Assessment Development
A-EHS, in partnership with a 3rd-party laboratory, can develop validated methods so you and customers can assess employee exposures.

Radiation, Radiofrequency & Laser Programs can be evaluated by A-EHS's staff. This includes your ionizing radiation and laser safety procedures, written policies, and employee training.

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