We also produce custom solutions for data collection and data management. 

Via AppsForEHS, we can offer you such things as an Excel spreadsheet for air emissions tracking.

But even more importantly, why not do mobile data collection, using  your smartphone? 

You might ask yourself: "Who collects EHS data with their Smart Device?"  

We've been doing it for over 20 years. 

Think about the myriad of forms you have: inspection checklist, audits, training, you name it. Say you have a weekly 20-minute inspection. You grab the form and clipboard, check some boxes, write a few notes, maybe take some pictures, and go back to the office. You type everything into a report, and copy the pictures in the report. You also put the notes into an Excel spreadsheet for tracking. 
Your 20 minute inspection has taken 3 hours

Imagine insisted we are in the 21st century, and you pull out your iPhone with your custom inspection form. You do the inspection, take pictures of things as noted. When you're done, you review the inspection, sign it on-screen, then email a PDF report to the stakeholders from your phone. You also email an Excel spreadsheet to yourself, so that when back to the office, you can import that spreadsheet into the database you keep for the inspections. 
Total time for 20-minute inspection: 32 minutes


Real IOS Apps

Yes, we released our first App. IHehsCalc - a calculator for industrial hygiene, safety, and environmental professionals. You can find it here.