Risk Management look at threats to your operation, and proper Business Recovery or Business Interruption (BI) plans ensure that incidents such as snowstorms, small fires, minor floods, or supplier difficulties, etc., do not have a significant impact on your business.

You might believe you have insurance for these types of losses, and you most likely do. However, insurance does not help you identify your critical parts and suppliers before an incident; nor will insurance help you find office space to rent while repairs are made.

The fact is that according to the insurance industry, over 40% of businesses that have a significant loss never reopen, or fail within 12 months; and almost 30% of those that do manage to reopen will fail within 2 years.

A-EHS staff have worked on BI plans for clients ranging from large international manufacturers, to smaller service-related businesses. 

You may also want to look at A-EHS's Holistic Approach to EHS, Risk Management, and Operations, which is a way to manage these complex, interwoven paths; leading to a deceased risk profile. This includes identification of improvements opportunities, conceptualizing improvements, and qualification of these improvements.