Industrial Hygiene is the poorly-named science that deals with the recognition, evaluation, and control of workplace chemical or physical hazards that may cause illness or injury.  A-EHS's staff includes a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) with a range of experience in industries around the globe. 

A-EHS also uses custom iOS-based software to collect detailed information (photographs, calibration, etc.): 

MINUTES  (Mobile INdustrial hygiene UTility for Environment Sampling) is used for industrial hygiene or environmental sampling where lab analysis is involved; 
TIMING  (The IH Mobile IN-situ data Gatherer) is for direct-reading instruments,  to collect, collate, produce and e-mail you an initial report that very same day;
NERD  (Noise Evaluation, Reference, and Dosimetry) gives detailed information on noise assessment, including photos of calibration and exposure data readouts;
CORES  (Complete Office Rapid Environmental Screen) is used as a specific tool for indoor air quality investigations, often providing a report the same day;

The use of our specialized software means that reports can be produced in roughly one-half the time. Please see details.

The bottom line is that by evaluating, and if necessary controlling, workplace exposure to chemical and physical agents, the chance of employee illness or injury is greatly reduced. 

And your workers have the peace of mind knowing that potential chemical exposures have been reviewed by professionals.