Dangerous Goods (DG) transportation compliance for Hazardous Materials (or HazMat) can present a significant challenge to any company. Besides oversight in the US by the DOT and FAA (Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration), there are international standards to follow, such as IATA. 

A-EHS's DG/HazMat Compliance Program include a wide portfolio of services, depending on what is necessary for a particular client's situation.  

Following UN guidelines, A-EHS has proprietary methods to review dangerous goods for characteristics of toxicity, explosivity, and reactivity. SHIP-SHAPE (Substance Hazard Information Profile Shipping HAzard Potential Evaluation) helps streamline the review process.

A-EHS staff have participated in FAA and DOT dangerous goods compliance inspections, both as support during the actual audit, or a pre-audit review to ensure compliance. We can provide time-critical response in the event a Citation is received, alleging dangerous goods improprieties. 

No matter what your needs are related to Dangerous Goods, we will provide the services in a cost-efficient and effective, professional manner.