Most businesses have good overall safety programs, but any program can be improved. A suggested option is a Gap Analysis Audit. This is where a highly-experienced professional reviews existing programs and procedures, as these relate to various regulations and practices applicable to your operations. These are compared to regulatory requirements, recommended practices, and best management practice.

A complete multi-media site Gap Analysis Audit can done by A-EHS staff, using our auditing software SHARPER (Safety & Health Audit; Responsibility, Property & Environment Reporter). This allows an audit to be accomplished in less time and at a lower cost compared to traditional methods.

Lock-Out / Tag-Out (LO/TO) refers to a system which attempts to stop injury and/or damage due to the accidental re-starting of equipment undergoing service or repair. 

A-EHS's Certified Safety Professional (CSP) has provided expert assistance with LO/TO programs around the globe.  One critical item of Lock-Out / Tag-Out - often overlooked - is the requirement to detail each and every energy source to control on each and every piece of equipment. It is a daunting task; fortunately, A-EHS has a mobile software called LATER (Lock-out And Tag-out Evaluation Reporter), which allows us to give clients detailed LO/TO procedures for each piece of equipment. 

Many companies have extremely good, mature safety programs; but sometimes you are looking for that 1% improvement. One item often missed, is the training provided to a Safety Committee. A-EHS can provide education to your committee members, employing our VISTA™ (VIrtual Safety Training Awareness) instruction method. 

If your program is ready for it, we would suggest implementing the S-O-S ™ (Speaking Out on Safety) program, a revolutionary behavior-based safety program that does not look or feel like a typical behavior-based program!